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We walk on it, run on it, ride bikes, and drive cars on it, yet seldom do we think about what it’s made of. Asphalt, a robust construction material, is what strengthens our roads, pavements, floor tiling, roof tilings, and numerous other industrial products.

This brown and black petroleum-like material makes surfaces smooth and durable. However, it tends to crack over time because roads and pavements are prone to wear and tear.

Our outdoor surfaces encounter various environmental stressors, from harsh weather conditions to the movement of sturdy, heavy vehicles. As such, even the most solid materials can break with time.

Thankfully, the Asphalt Companies Appleton WI take the responsibility of maintaining, paving, repairing, striping, and sealcoating the roads and paths for the convenience of the citizens.

Although several Appleton paving companies offer similar services, not all paving companies in Appleton WI are skilled enough to tackle the issues that require experience and professional knowledge.

Fortunately, our asphalt companies Appleton WI is one of the leading organizations with qualified and experienced paving contractors Appleton WI. We take on the toughest of projects and handle them like pros.

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Are You Looking For Asphalt Companies Appleton WI?

Asphalt Companies Appleton WI is a family-owned and operated business with a knowledgeable and professional workforce. With over a decade of experience in the field, we provide reliable and quality services to meet the demands of our customers. Our philosophy has always been to maintain the highest standards and turn issues into positive experiences. Glad! We’ve kept our promise and served thousands of clients across Appleton.

Yes, our beginnings were humble, with only a few Appleton asphalt services available. However, as the demand in the market for related pavement services rose, we were quick to hire knowledgeable staff and train them to polish their skills. As the time passed, we kept adding additional team members, equipment, and services to meet the rising consumer demands.

Being the biggest Asphalt companies Appleton WI in town was never our target; what we did aim, however, was to provide value to the customers for every dollar spent. Our motto is what earned us respect across the city. Today, we take pride in being one of the most reliable, authentic, and top-quality asphalt companies Appleton WI.

Why Choose Asphalt Companies Appleton WI?

With several asphalt companies Appleton WI on the market, choosing quality service providers guarantees your project’s success. Of course, any asphalt company Appleton WI can make fancy claims about their services, but their work speaks about their promises. Several factors affect the result of your driveway and pavements. Therefore, tackling this essential project should not be left as an afterthought. You must do research to pick the right asphalt companies Appleton WI. While we provide a range of pavement and roadway services, that alone isn’t convincing enough to choose us, here’s what is.


What good is the knowledgeable staff that lacks experience? It is all that matters by the end of the day. The more experienced the asphalt companies Appleton WI are, the higher the chances of your project’s success. Fortunately, we have years of experience serving numerous clients across the city. We assist you with the project and inform you about the issues that may arise. We also provide examples of our past projects – challenging and simple ones – to establish a positive relationship with you.

License and Insurance

We are among the licensed and insured Appleton paving companies. Our workforce understands the importance documentation plays in a company’s reputation – regardless of its industry. Therefore, we are open to showing you our insurance and licensing documents. Not only does it benefit you, but it also keeps our Appleton asphalt contractors and equipment safe.

Transparent Pricing

We are upfront about our prices. How much time a particular service will take and what will it cost is something we communicate beforehand. Several factors determine the pricing of your project, including the project complexity, environmental factors, area size, municipal ordinances, and removal of existing surfaces. Our team inspects the area and communicates the pricing. This helps us set realistic expectations with our clients. Consequently, our customers never run into unexpected, escalated project costs in the long run. This eases your burden and helps us keep our promise.

Top Quality Materials

The quality of asphalt varies because of the percentage of recycled material present in it. Whether big or small, your project requires top-quality material to be successful. Therefore, our material quality does not differ per project. Instead, we use the same high-grade asphalt containing less recycled materials to maintain our high standards.   This improves the overall appearance of paths and driveways and enhances their longevity.

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail plays a critical role, typically for cracked roads and paths. With great experience comes excellent attention to detail. Our expert staff has mastered the art of paying attention to detail. For instance, a cracked surface appears the same to everyone; only our professional team understands the precise materials it requires to look even, smooth, and polished. Apart from vigilance for appearance, our staff also ponders upon the materials needed to make it robust and unbreakable.

asphalt companies appleton wi

What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture that blends binder, filler, and aggregates. Constructors and road maintainers use it for building railway tracks, airport runways, bicycle lanes, parking lots, sports arenas, and sidewalks.

Generally, the aggregates used for the mixture include sand, slags, crushed rock, and gravel. However, a few people have recently started adding waste and byproducts to increase the life of the asphalt.

The byproducts typically include other construction materials, which vary per company. Experts use a binder to bind the aggregates and turn them into a strong material. While bitumen is a standard binder, asphalt companies Appleton Wisconsin also use bio-based binders to minimize the effect of environmental stressors.

A standard asphalt pavement contains bituminous bound materials. This allows the path to distribute the mixture before loads of vehicles arrive on it. Note that pavements do not consist of asphalt alone. Instead, it contains several layers. These may include the subgrade, formation layer, unbound sub-base, unbound-road base, and finally, asphalt layers.

Different Types of Asphalt

Experts use several asphalt mixtures to produce the best results. When creating the asphalt blends, they also keep factors like weather conditions, temperature, amount of traffic, and vehicles’ heaviness in mind. Asphalt needs to be resistant and strong to keep up with the varying pressures. Nonetheless, note that the quality of work also accounts – apart from the asphalt mixture. So, while the asphalt type matters, it won’t do much if unskilled workers handle the project. We’ll look at some types of asphalt construction workers utilize during a project.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot asphalt is made at temperatures between 160-180C. Because it is produced at such high temperatures, it won’t be wrong to consider it one of the most durable asphalt mixtures. Therefore, it is ideal for high-traffic areas – think airport runways or highways.

Warm Mix Asphalt

This mix is not made at high temperatures. As such, it requires less energy and fewer fumes. Although it is a safe material for constructors and the environment, it doesn’t provide the type of robustness hot mix asphalt gives. Therefore, it is better for low-traffic paths and light vehicles.

Emulsified Asphalt

This type of asphalt suspends small cement granules into the water, followed by an emulsifying agent – typically soap. They are less viscous than plain asphalt and are ideal for low-temperature areas. After its application, the water evaporates, and the cement is left.

Foamed Asphalt

This is produced by mixing hot asphalt binder in cold water. When the water touches the hot asphalt, it forms steam and traps in the binder bubbles. As such, it produces a high volume yet thin asphalt foam. This foam only lasts for some time, and the binder reshapes into its original form.

Cutback Asphalt

It combines asphalt cement and petroleum solvent. Therefore, it is also less viscous and a better option for low-temperature applications. The petroleum solvent evaporates when the cutback asphalt is applied, and only the cement is left behind. While cutback asphalt is a reliable option, most companies avoid using it for good reasons. First, it is costly. Second, it can be an environmental problem.

Thin Overlays

Thin overlays are an excellent option for improving riding quality and reducing noise levels. It is typically made from recycled materials and warm-mix asphalt.

Porous Asphalt

The history of this asphalt type can be traced back to the 1970s. Construction workers typically use it in parking lots to allow for water drainage. Also, it’s a budget-friendly option and lasts for years to come, which is a plus.

asphalt companies appleton wi
asphalt companies appleton wi

Interesting Facts About Asphalt

Asphalt plays a critical role in shaping the sidewalks and driveways. While its quality drastically impacts its performance, all asphalt types serve a common purpose: building and strengthening roads. We’ve enlisted a few exciting facts about asphalt to give you an in-depth understanding of how it works.

  • Asphalt is a durable material. However, its durability depends on the aging of the asphalt binder. Generally, the viscosity of asphalt binder increases with time, making it stiffer and reducing its quality.
  • Asphalt might result in the flash point. Like most construction materials, asphalt volatilizes at incredibly high temperatures, releasing vapor to increase the volatile concentration resulting in a flash. However, industry experts test and control asphalt to avoid this problem.
  • Asphalt gives a smooth appearance to roadways. Besides, if you love riding bikes, expect a comfortable ride on quality asphalt material.
  • Roads constructed with top-notch asphalt reduce noise levels.
  • Asphalt also benefits airports allowing for safe landings.
  • The many advantages of asphalt might make you think it is expensive, but that’s not the case. This material is cost-effective and adds value to driveways and sidewalks.
  • The latest asphalt technology ensures better water drainage, reducing muddy and watery paths in the middle of the road.
  • Colored asphalt is a thing, and many construction workers use it. However, it is utilized for specific purposes – to alert drivers regarding dangerous areas like sharp edges that might lead to accidents.

Since When Has Asphalt Been Used as a Construction Material?

Because people have rarely heard about asphalt – not surprising, anyone would be least interested in knowing the materials used in road construction – many assume it’s a relatively newer product. However, it existed as long as the history books. It occurs naturally in asphalt rocks and lakes. The term “asphalt” comes from the Greek “asphaltos.” Literally, the term means something “safe” or “secure.”

In ancient times, individuals used this material to seal ships. Besides, the Mesopotamians utilized it to make temple baths and water tanks waterproof.

Moving forward, Pharaohs also benefitted from this material. For example, the Egyptians used it along river Nile banks to prevent erosion. Asphalt was also used to build a road in Babylon in 625 BC. Additionally, Romans waterproofed their aqueducts using asphalt.

So, the more humans knew about its usage, the more they started utilizing it. Even today, it is used to construct water reservoirs in America. Further, numerous construction companies use it to build and strengthen roads and make pathways smoother and convenient for pedestrians and drivers alike.

asphalt companies appleton wi


The Asphalt Companies Appleton WI Locals Depend On

Yes, asphalt is a sustainable material that provides long-term solutions for road construction. A few pavements alleviate noise pollution while others reduce environmental concerns. Note that asphalt is also a reliable material for the water environment. Unfortunately, a few people assume it isn’t ideal for the water environment because it is soluble and harmful to marine life.

However, its use shows that it is safe for all applications. For instance, people have used it in fish hatcheries for several years. Besides, construction workers have also successfully used it for reservoirs of drinking water. Humans drank water from them, and no issues were reported.

Is There an Issue Living By an Asphalt Plant?

An asphalt plant is the manufacturing site of asphalt. Studies reveal that even if an asphalt plant adheres to the state and federal air pollution standards, it is not entirely safe to live nearby.

Asphalt plants produce toxic air pollutants that may cause skin irritation and respiratory issues. Therefore, living away from the manufacturing sites is better to keep yourself safe and healthy.

asphalt companies appleton wi
asphalt companies appleton wi

Does Asphalt Thickness Matter?

How thick asphalt needs to be for construction is something a road engineer decides. Because pavements must withstand several stressors, from heavy vehicles to climatic conditions, they must be solid and firm.

Asphalt thickness varies per the construction project. The engineer might decide to keep it less or more thick depending upon the complexity or the simplicity of a project. Typically, roads meant for heavy traffic require a thicker coat.

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